FBMIS is an integrated system, which developed to overcome the most of the problems occurring in the faculty manual system by computerizing the existing system. FBMIS will help users of the system to finish their work in the least amount of time and efforts. The computerized systems have many gains and efforts, which the manual system cannot give, in any type of situations. It is necessary for the faculty to keep track of its day-to-day activities and records of staff training, student activities, strategic planning and among others that keep the faculty running smoothly and successfully. Keeping track of all the activities and their records on paper is very cumbersome and error prone. It also is very inefficient and time-consuming process. Moreover, executing analytical tasks by management user was also not easy on a manual system. Thus, FBMIS was developed and designed to support management and student activities in FBM.

FBMIS was divided into few modules: Student Activity Information System (SAIS), Research, Innovation, Industry, Community Information System (RIIS), and Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS). The main features of these modules are maintaining related data for FBM and perform analytical tasks required by the user of the system. The analytical result will help the user to strategize faculty future planning. A part of record management, FBMIS aim to provide a paperless up to 90%. It also aims at providing low cost and reliable automation of the existing systems. The system also provides excellent security data at every level of user-system interaction and also provides robust and reliable storage and backup facilities.

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